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I personally see some things working in the game’s favor and a couple things that might work against it. I was just wondering and forgot to ask earlier…this is regarding the sssScat Game I inquired about that you could only find pictures of and no other information. If you had the game would you hold onto it or what would you do with it? Unfortunately I am going to need more information about the game before I could make an estimation about whether the game has value. If the game is an older version of Scrabble the copyright date will likely be in roman numerals.

  • There have been times when shelves are absolutely empty, ravaged by panic-stricken buyers.
  • If you aren’t providing a complete end-to-end solution for the production and delivery of your game, you’ll have some people in between you and your customer that will RPG Games have to do some of the work.
  • To have a game to sell, you’ll need to have it produced.
  • Of course, they aren’t going to work for free, so you’ll have to pay them a lot of money to do so.

We also reviewed a similar game here on Geeky Hobbies called Hats Off. I have only found one reference to the same game on the net, which suggests that it was made in the 1890’s. Basically I would say Fraggle Trap has some value but isn’t as valuable as many people would think. If you were patient I think you could get around $ but you would have to wait until you found someone who really likes the television show. PermalinkThanks Eric, For taking the time to reply, I appreciate the advice.

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Does the game box or any of the components have a copyright date on them? Seeing as I assume your version is quite old, the copyright date likely will be in Roman numerals. To translate the Roman numerals into a date you can find a translator online if you don’t know how to read Roman numerals. I would have to say that I was a little surprised that it sold for that little. I do have a couple guesses on why it didn’t sell for more. I did a little research online and I was able to find a little information about the game’s value. Without knowing how many copies were made my guess is that it would likely stay around its’ current value.

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PermalinkHi, A friend has a Newcastle City Monopoly in opened, but not played condition. Even with the game not being the same as the one I linked to, I would think you could still get around $50 for it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any other information on the game. Just to get an idea I quickly looked up French versions of Scrabble on eBay. I am guessing this is mostly due to there being quite a few copies of the French version of Scrabble out there. That is mostly because there have been quite a few versions of Scrabble Junior made over the years.

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It would also help to know if your Scrabble is a special edition or if it is just a normal version of Scrabble. There are good things and bad things as it comes to the value of your Clue game. I wish I could give you a better estimate but without being able to find any information about the game all I can do is guess about the value.

First I don’t think the game is an official version of Monopoly as Monopoly is called Monopol in Swedish. I am guessing that Portfolio was a generic version of Monopoly created to try and cash in on the popularity of Monopoly. PermalinkUnfortunately I am not going to be able to give you a lot of information about the game since I couldn’t really find anything about the game either. I have the box with dice, pegs and tumblers, but no board. eBay/Amazon/Pinterest have revealed nothing…nor Google for that matter. PermalinkUnfortunately I don’t think I am going to be able to help you a lot as I don’t own the game and I can’t find much information on the game online. For more information on the game I would recommend checking out the Board Game Geek page as it has quite a bit of information about the game.

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