Horse Head Only 6″ Long Carving Pattern

I’ve included a little pattern cutout that I use. It’s about 3-1/2″ across the head and neck. I’d suggest you lay the pattern out on a 2″ thick piece of basswood. Today I cut the center of the handle out and began to shape the front. Wood Carving Patterns are also available for Relief Carving, Chip Carving, Caricature Carving and various other wood carving methods. Horse sculpture demonstrations and reference materials, along with horse artworks by equine artist Jen Pratt. All Yard Shadow images, project plans & patterns protected by Federal Copyright Laws.

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  • If you have some, use some tree paint to help seal the wound.
  • On this cut, you’re not pulling off any wood, you’re just cutting.

Please put yourself in the originators shoes. How would you like it if someone stole your ideas. I would have thought a cultural article like this would be well documented enough elsewhere in custom and practice not to risk copyright infringement. In case you face any issues/questions while carving, feel free to message me here anytime.

Still Water Horse Head Desktop Decoration Bust Sculpture

Use your scoop and utility knife to carve out the hollows of the ears. Use the utility knife to carve out the details of the mane hair. Use your utility knife to shape and detail the eyes and mouth.

Hew your block of wood into the rough shape of the horse head. Use your saw to cut out the basic block form that will resemble the snout, elongated head, two pointy ears, mane and the neck. You want to make sure that the grain of the wood runs lengthwise for any delicate parts you’ll be carving.

horse head wood carving pattern

Wood Carving Patterns for just about every subject you can think of! I am a self taught carver and this information is very helpful. but thats what a city boy gets, i needed to carve a bycycle i guess i can member what one of them looks like by hart. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more.

Had some time to start on a new topper today. It will be a horse head on a cardigan shape cane handle. Our carving patterns give you a full detail of what and how you need to carve.

Horse Carving

Merle it is a combination of two patterns I got out of the book \”Stick Making a Complete Course\” by Andrew Jones and Clive George. It is a good book if you are in the sticks. Carvingbarn, I have a feeling that this is really going to be spectacular, judging by your drawing, and I always do like Black Walnut projects. Joe a cardigan handle is one with this basic shape, It was first used by those who worked live stock in Wales and other parts of England.

Whatever you do, don’t rush into this project before you have a good understanding just what a horse is. I think you’re going to be surprised at just how easy this project will be if you do these things. Use graphite pencils to sketch out the patterns and details you intend to fill in on your carving. Always err on the side of cutting away less. It’s easy to fix an error by cutting away a bit more, but much harder to fix a carving error where you’ve removed too much wood. Carved by hand from rich mango wood, this grand horse creates a stately presence with its graceful curves and intricate details.

There you go, how to carve a horse. If you feel like it, give it a brush over with sandpaper. I didn’t have any, so the horses came out a little flexcut whittling knives rough around the edges. It’s called a V-cut, where the first cut comes in at an angle, and the second cut comes from the other direction.

Horses Of Wood

You don’t need an exceptionally large quantity of equipment. To start you can use a sharp carving knife, a utility knife with a large supply of blades and a small hand saw which you’ll use to carve your rough shape out. Carving a horse’s head out of wood, like any carving, is easy or difficult based on how much detail will be put into it.

horse head wood carving pattern

Put in the all thread and began to shape the horses head. Most of our Wood Carving Patterns are also available in basswood and tupelo wood carving cutouts. If you don’t see one that you’d like, please contact us for pricing and information. Our bandsaw will cut over 14″ high for those larger cutouts. OurWood Carving Patternsinclude a top and side view.

Trace a copy of a wood carving pattern onto your wood carving block and get started sawing. Once you have done the cut out, follow the carving pattern to make your very one carving piece. A lot of our Wood Carving Plans are for animals, birds, reptiles and fish. Those types of carving patterns require you to work in the round. Some, of course, are harder to carve than others. As a general rule, you may want to try a bird carving pattern before you try an animal wood carving pattern.

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