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You can reshape a blade using sharpening stones and sandpaper, but the process is time consuming. Those who prefer casual whittling with a pocket-sized knife might look to the Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife. It is an ideal size for carrying in a pocket, at just 4.31 inches long with the blade closed. The hard carbon steel blade measures 3.28 inches and can cut through either hardwoods or softwoods, though this knife isn’t recommended for fine whittling. The blade is flat, with a gentle curve toward the end, so you can easily work with either the edge or the belly of the blade.

  • I use them every day at my job and can’t be happier with their performance.
  • Like any skill, whittling takes time to master and you are working with sharp objects which means you need to give yourself some time to learn and not get ahead of yourself.
  • The high-carbon steel blade is 3.15 inches long, the handle is oak, and the whole knife is about 8 inches.
  • We will review 5 of the best whittling knives on the market today, and include some helpful tips, tricks, and FAQs every whittler needs to know.

I’ve been whittling off and on for going on ten years now and admit I was initially attracted to the skill because of how awesome it is. There are two main types of steel that you’ll need to decide between. Maybe in five years or so, you’ll need to buy another stick of gold polishing compound, but otherwise, you’re set for life. You won’t have to deal with any hand strain or pain using the Jack. Plus, it comes with a slip strop and gold polishing compound, giving you everything you need to use and maintain this knife for years to come. I’m not too happy about the sheath, but that’s more of an afterthought when the knife is the real meat and potatoes you’re buying.

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The main difference is that it is a single knife, rather than a set. While it’s nice to have other tools you can get very far with a single That said, some skilled whittlers prefer to use specialty knives.

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The obvious benefit with a multi-blade knife is that you get multiple blade types in a single tool. This can be highly effective, without much drawback if the knife has only two or three blades. Some whittling knives have one or more blades that can fold into the handle when not in use. This keeps them safe from impact damage to the blade and makes the entire knife more compact and portable. Several types of specialty whittling knives exist on the market today.

Blade Shape

It is also pretty hard to feel the wood and manipulate the knife. However, you may feel more comfortable starting out with something protecting your digits.This is the safety gear every DIYer needs. The Whittlin’ Jack has a set of two blades, one of which is a general roughing knife, and the other is a smaller detail knife. The key takeaway from this knife is features that offer child safety and protection are always welcome.

Don’t be tempted to cut too deeply, just gradually remove the wood you don’t want. The most important thing to know about how to whittle is that it is is much easier if you have a very sharp knife. The folding knife is my favorite that I normally carry whilst travelling. The knife may be very useful for me when I travel far apart, reducing and peeling want now not fear whilst we deliver this knife.

If you care about whittling and want to be the best whittler you can be, you need a good whittling knife. Overall, I believe the Carvin’ Jack is one of the best whittling and carving knives on the market right now. Each tool can be quite difficult to get out as they’re jammed in there tightly.

Choosing oiled hardwood for the handle is a great decision on Mora’s part. There’s nothing worse than having a rough, oddly shaped handle that strains your hands after only short periods of use. Oiled birchwood is used for the handle, giving it a silky smooth, and ergonomic feel.

The overall knife is also light and makes for easy handling. The carbon blade is 3.25 inches, preventing it from being deemed as a weapon in most states. With the blade being made of carbon, it is extremely sharp, holds an edge for extended periods of time, and resharpens easily.

That’s the approach you have when straightaway rough cutting. Your goal is to create a rough shape of the object your whittling. You’ll utilize three primary cuts when whittling, but pay attention to the pressure you’re using and the force being applied. Splinters smart, and a good pair of gloves that allows your hands to move freely while providing protection is an excellent investment. A single errant swipe of the blade can make you wish you put on that leather glove.

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At the same time, there is something to be said for having a specific tool designed for a precise job if you intend on doing a lot of whittling. There are some tools that can be nice to have when whittling that is not standard on a typical folder. Since 1980, the Opinel Pocket Knife has been around the help handymen across the world undertake tons of projects with ease.

This device provides a roughing knife, about 1.75 inches, which can be used for texturing and creating surfaces from which to add detail. As with the other Mora products featured here, this knife has a limited lifetime warranty. It will feel weightless as it sits in your pocket, weighing in at just 3 ounces. The Opinel No. 8 is extremely efficient and practical, serving their users well for many years. However, it is more widely known for its historicity and beauty.

Practice Wood

Rather than get sucked into a rerun of Law & Order, it’s a lot more fun to find a comfy chair on the porch , and create something with your hands. Finding the best whittling knife to while away the time will make this all that much more pleasant. If you’re after a bit more precision for more intricate designs, it’s worth checking out Flexcut’s Carvin’ Jack. It goes beyond just whittling and detailing knives, but carving tools too.

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