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Instead, the device keeps its current settings. Devices don’t maintain a historical record of what settings they held previously. Devices can also receive settings from additional update rings that remain active. Under Review + create, review the settings, and then select Create when ready to save your Windows 10 update ring. Your new update ring is displayed in the list of update rings. Under Scope tags, select + Select scope tags to open the Select tags pane if you want to apply them to the update ring.

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Select either Feature or Quality to pause that type of update, and then select OK. Deleting a ring from Intune doesn’t modify the settings on devices that were assigned the update ring.

Uninstalling a feature or quality update is only available for the servicing channel the device is on. Windows devices start removal of updates as soon as they receive the change in Intune policy. Update removal isn’t limited to maintenance schedules, even when they’re configured as part of the update ring.

After extending the pause for one update type, you can select Extend again to extend the other update type. When an update type is paused, the Overview pane for that ring displays how many days remain before that update type resumes. After pausing one update type, you can select Pause again to pause the other update type.

Feature updates for the update ring must be running. Devices that receive Feature Updates policy and that have telemetry set to Not configured, which means it’s off, might install a later version of Windows than defined in the Feature Update policy. The prerequisite to require telemetry is under review as this feature moves towards general availability. The following prerequisites must be met to use Windows 10 feature updates in Intune.

  • If you are not sure whether you want to stop or pause, perhaps consider that pausing Windows updates is a recommended method, built into Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 wasn’t provided with an option to turn off updates altogether unlike Windows 7 and 8.
  • Pausing Windows 10 updates can only be set for a limited amount of time .

Choose one or more tags, and then click Select to add them to the update ring and return to the Scope tags page. Under Update ring settings, configure settings for your business needs. For information about the available settings, see Windows update settings. After configuring Update and User experience settings, select Next. The following prerequisites must be met to use Windows updates for Windows 10 devices in Intune.

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